Friday, 21 March 2014

Causes of Depression

Nobody can say that what the actual reason of depression is. It is not a simple answer that why the people depressed. Depression can be a combination of different causes and these causes vary from person to person, and same time there’s no serious reason of depression. Identify the risk factors in your life that can be cause of depression and also can help you to find out the solution of your problems. Some risk factors are given below.
           ·         Family problems
           ·         Death or loss of someone close
           ·         Relationship breakup
           ·         Financial pressure
           ·         Unemployment
           ·         Any accident occur in your life
           ·         Some medication
           ·         Work stress
           ·         Natural disaster just like flood, earthquake
           ·         Excessive use of alcohol
           ·         Social isolation
           ·         Lack of sleep
           ·         Poor diet and lack of exercise

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